Ordinance Committee


  • Nancy Douglass
  • Term Expires June 30. 2025
  • Ethna Thompson
  • Term Expires June 30, 2024
  •  Scott Wilson
  •  Term Expires June 30,2025
  • Valerie Zapolsky
  • Term Expires June 30, 2024

Members of the ordinance committee do not hold hours in the administrative offices during the day. Any inquiries, concerns, or issues can be addressed to the Board of Selectmen at regularly scheduled meetings, or emailed to the Town Clerk. You may mail correspondence to:

Rangeley Town Office

15 School Street

Rangeley, ME 04970


It is the mission of the Ordinance Committee to establish home rule to be adopted by the legislative body of the Town of Rangeley per the directive of the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen. Every effort will be made to maintain the natural resources of the area while supporting the community, residence, taxpayers and business owners in whole.