Business License Applications

Regardless of the type of business license applied for, if the applicant intends to operate as a sole proprietor or a partnership, a d/b/a must be filed. The filing fee is $10. Likewise, it is advisable to file a withdrawal in the clerk’s office when the parties no longer intend to conduct business in the town. There may be additional requirements at the state level for business licensing.

Before Being Licensed
Prior to receiving a town license to conduct a business, most business types listed on this page require an inspection from the town’s Fire Department, Code Enforcement Officer and Police Department. Also, any outstanding fees, such as taxes or sewer fees on the property, will affect your ability to obtain your business license until they are brought current. Some licenses are subject to annual renewal.

Questions regarding applications and fee schedules for business licenses should be emailed to the town clerk or by calling the town office during regular business hours at 207-864-3326, ext. 110.

Some Businesses Needing Licenses
  • Bottle Club License: For social activities held on a regular basis where members or guests provide their own alcoholic beverages
  • Bowling Alley, Shooting Gallery, Pool, Bagatelle, Billiards: For the commercial offering of these games to the public. Bagatelle is a game involving the rolling of balls into scoring areas
  • BYOB Function License: For events open to the public where no liquor is sold, and where the public may bring their own liquor for personal consumption
  • Junkyard/Automobile Graveyard: For businesses involving the storage, purchasing and selling of junk and/or junk automobiles
  • On-Premise Consumption of Alcohol License: For businesses offering alcoholic beverages to be consumed on-premises
  • Pinball License: For businesses offering pinball games to their patrons
  • Special Amusement License: For businesses offering entertainment to their patrons, and which also offer alcoholic beverages for on-premise consumption
  • Vendors License: For businesses selling, preparing or serving food to the public per town code chapter 14 (PDF)